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1. Initial Consultation and Analysis

Our business specialist will meet with you in order to gain a general understanding of any underlying problems that may be present and to assist you in organizing and formulating objectives. We will help you in determining the nature and scope of the project at hand in order to ensure proper execution and meeting of your specific needs. Purpose of this step is:
  • To analyze business needs and review existing operations
  • To help perform financial analysis including cost and benefit analysis in order to create a reasonable budget
  • To perform feasibility analysis
  • To identify stakeholders of the project
  • To formulate a project charter, outlining tasks to be done, costs, schedule, and deliverables

2. Project Design and Planning

We understand that planning is critical in order to ensure best execution while balancing factors such as time, cost and quality. Planning involves the following:
  • Identifying deliverables, creating work breakdown structure, and sequencing activities to achieve highest effectiveness and efficiency throughout the process
  • Estimating and sourcing resources for activities
  • To perform feasibility analysis
  • Estimating and developing schedule and budget
  • Risk planning

3. Development and Implementation

Once careful planning has been completed and approval has been obtained from the client, our experienced operational staff will commence their work which may include research, design, and development. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated employees will maintain an adequate level of communication with you to ensure that all stakeholders are aware and involved in the process to ensure maximal satisfaction.

4. Ongoing Oversight and Control

Projects often fail or result in sub-optimal result due to various reasons including poor communication, poor planning, setting unrealistic goals, cost overruns, failure to meet deadlines, and poor use of resources. All these can be prevented or mitigated through diligent project management and effective control during the process.

5. Pre-launch Preparation

Upon completion of the development stage, our team of specialists can provide services such as usability testing, debugging, systems integration and training in order to ensure the best value delivered. We understand the importance of creating projects that are useful not only in the short-term but is flexible and value-adding for the long-term by ensuring that all stakeholders' interests are considered.

6. Ongoing Assessment and Support

One of 6folds Marketing\'s most emphasized values is our strong focus in building long-term sustainable relationship you. We believe this is the best method to deliver quality and value to our clients. To accomplish this, we aim to empower our clients with easy to use, business-focused measurable metrics while maintaining ongoing communication and support where needed to assist you in growing your business.