Located at: 240 – 10691 Shellbridge Way Richmond, BC, Canada V6X 2W8

Our client-oriented approach allows us to better align our work with your business objectives both on the creative and technical side in order to lead to greater value for your business.

At 6folds Marketing, our business professionals and project managers are experienced with business management and understand what is needed for you to reach the next level for your firm. With the aim to bring value to your business while maintaining a clear mindset to simplify all complications upon delivery, we will be able to ensure high quality communication and efficient implementation.


With branding, website design and development, and online marketing as our core line of business, these services often involve a certain degree of technicality which may not be easily understood. We understand that as business owners, you will be busy managing your business and growing your company; therefore our consultants are dedicated to assist you in tackling complicated tasks and simplifying problems on your behalf by pinpointing critical issues and solving these issues. We follow a formulated six step approach while maintaining ongoing support and communication with clients to ensure high success rate in the final implementation stage of your project.