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Websites: An efficient brand carrier & effective marketing material.

Developing a website is more than meets the eye. Web design is a form of electronic publishing that is delivered through the World Wide Web by presenting content through graphics, animation creation, colour and font selection, navigation design, content creation and more. At 6folds, we creatively and meticulously construct your website without you worrying about all the sophisticated steps to provide you a simplified solution.


Benefits of having a website

  • Far more effective and cost efficient than print-advertisement
  • Breakthrough geographical barriers, expand to greater virtual market – 24/7/365
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (usability, convenience, customer service, etc.)
  • Designed to bring desired message across (brand, information, products, promotions, awareness, etc.)
  • Green Hosting – Green Marketing
  • Quick turnaround time, fun to manage, and receive premium ongoing support!

Learn how our project management process can have your solutions simplified.