Chinastar holiday

China Star Holiday provides best valued China tour products and services focusing on quality tailored to Canadians. Tours include destination countries to China, Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company was awarded the 2012 Torch Award Marketplace Excellence Award by the Better Business Bureau.


With years of experience in the tour and travel industry, China Star Holiday services Canadian customers across Canada offering tour packages to clients and agents. It was necessary for the brand to establish an online website that can serve as a place to deliver information to partners and direct tour clients alike. The website is dual language in English and Chinese and offers many information on tour programs, pricing, itineraries, etc. The company also produces an annual informational brochure/information pamphlet that we help maintain with many tour information and sample itineraries. Many positive feedbacks were received from clients that the improved website and informational brochure are very helpful in the decision-making process.